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Lancaster Bomber trade stall - Graham Huntley


In between roaring aerial displays and toe-tapping entertainment on the live stage, be sure to take a browse through our trade villages with so much on offer for a bit of retail therapy!

Traders List and locations

Western Lawns

Boundless BY CSMA
Cats Protection
Homewood Leisure
Dogs Trust
21 Game Stall
The Poppy Shop
Terminus Fruit & Veg
Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance
Eastbourne Herald
East Sussex Organ Donor
Dollies & Dudes
RAF Museum
Leaders Ltd
Sussex Downs College
RM Toys Ltd
Age UK East Sussex
Battersea Dogs + Cats Home
Britelite Windows
Sussex Wildlife Trust
Russell’s Mobile Catering
Freshly Ground Coffee Co.
Steadman Brothers Slush

Catering Village & Wish Tower Slopes

Strongbow Cider at Airbourne - Marcus Ward Photography

Catering Village
Tasty Thai
Russell’s Mobile Catering
Lemon Catering - Pasties
The Fantastic Food Company -
Whitby Scampi
Eat Fresh Catering


Wish Tower Slopes
Irvin Confectionery
Cats Protection
Age UK East Sussex
Tickles Face Painting
Briteys Fun House
Russell’s Mobile Catering
A&C Catering

Burlington & Trinity Promenades

Burlington Promenade
Lushington Chiropractic
South American Amigos
Automobile Association
The Reds Merchandise
Geoff Noble Model Aircraft
21 Game Stall
Classy Bags
GS Snacks
All Seasons
The Invicta Foundation
W Shufflebottom
Keston Products
Steffen Design
Flying Graphics
Russell’s Mobile Catering
Crepe Passion
Trinity Promenade
Irvin Confectionery
Chandlers Hailsham
W Shufflebottom
Sunset Aviation Art
Terminus Fruit & Veg
Green Enterprises
CS Jennings
Hakemi olives
KL Perfumes
Russell’s Sweets
Le Mareski Team
Russell’s Mobile Catering
FEA Mobile

Trade Stand information

Browse our Trade information and booking document here and find out all you need to know about exhibiting at one of the best FREE seafront airshows in the world!

This includes a unique opportunity of roaming to promote your brand through sampling and public interaction during the airshow!

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